WTF!!!:I have sex 4times a week-Ice Prince

In a recent interview with PulseNg, the Jos born Rapper Ice Prince Zamani aired out is restrictions and allowance wen it comes to woman with ‘bad breathe’ being his biggest turn off.
“Bad breath is my biggest turn-off!” “I don’t think any guy loves that…. in fact no guy likes that!”
The rapper continued by saying another major turn-off in women is LYING!
He said, “another thing i don’t like is lies. Its not very cool for a girl to lie.”
“Lying about your age, lying about your personality, lying about your status is not allowed”
Ice explained further but also mentioned that there are some lies that are permitted.
“If you cheat on your girlfriend, its allowed to lie,” he laughed.
Concerning his s*x life, he stated that he can’t do without s*x for an entire week a.k.a 7 days.
“I have s*x four times a week, can cope for three days.” he told Pulse TV


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