REVEALED!!!-Wiz Khalifa’s S*£X Tape

Wiz Khalifa could be having a sex tape sooner than we’d imagined!
New reports are claiming the newly-single rapper slept with a Playboy chick Wednesday night but sadly, their sex session was recorded without his knowledge… and might be shopped around as a celeb sex tape.
Wiz posted a few photos Thursday morning showing him partying with Playboy modelCarla Howe… who appeared with Wiz in the 2012 movie “Mac & Devin Go to High School.”
According to TMZ, the two undoubtedly had sex but a source close to the situation told the site, a camera was rolling during their fling. The source added that the footage is now being offered around Hollywood … “with the hopes of releasing the next big sex tape.”
However, because Wiz had no idea he was being filmed, sources close to the rap star say he will fill a lawsuit against anyone who tries to release the video.
If you were Amber Rose (his ex wife), how would you react to this?


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