Photo: Robbers Shoot Lady in The Mouth For Resisting Rape

One Mrs Caroline Anande, a widow with seven children has narrated how her younger sister was shot in the mouth by armed robbers, to Us. Read the report below:
Geri could not talk to us, but could only write down responses relating to the incident, because her tongue was almost cut off, her mouth terribly wounded by bullets robbers shot at her mouth. She could not turn her head either because the bullet hit part of her neck. She lay helplessly in bed with sanitary tissues stuffed into the mouth to suck up saliva that drips uncontrollably from there. She indicated that they had lived in the same area of Abuja for over five years. Geri’s trouble further burdens her elder sister whose late husband was buried just three months ago.“My heart is heavy, I am heartbroken looking at my sister lying in pains, she was supporting me immensely with the little income since my husband died. We had been managing to cope with our lean resources until armed robbers surfaced to wipe sleep away from our eyes.”This poor widow explained that Geri, always leaves home at 4:30am for work, though she left at 5am that morning, because of the daily traffic on the Nyanya-Mararaba express But she couldn’t get to Abuja-Keffi expressway to board a bus that will convey her to town that day.“My sister testified after regaining consciousness on a written note, how a masked armed robber snatched her phone and handbag. Thereafter, commanded her to undress, she pleaded with them, they were two men the unmasked man was behind backing them while the operation was going on. But, they shouted at her to undress amid her pleas explaining that she was menstruating. But these evil agents insisted on molesting her In the struggle, she screamed loud in fear for help, and that angered the armed man wearing mask that shot a bullet into her mouth and vanished, leaving her unconscious and bleeding. It was an okada rider residing within their vicinity that called to inform the sister of the incident


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