The Chairlady! Meet Erica Okundaye, M.I Abaga’s Girlfriend (Shes Banging! Pix)

Rapper M.I revealed in a recent interview with Encomium that he will be getting married soon, the lucky girl is Erica Okundaye, his long term girlfriend… excerpts from the interview below:
MI doesn’t have a love life, not to talk of getting married. Most time people interview MI and MI has no relationship. However, Jude is very private, he’s not a public figure, and I am sure you’re not interested whether he gets married or not, because he’s not MI.
When asked when Jude would be getting married then, he replied,
Unfortunately, Jude is not here (smiles). You’re interviewing MI and MI is not going to get married. But I am sure Jude will soon get married, people should just watch out for the time


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