Why I Discharged My Son From LASUTH- Father of Boy Attacked by German Sheperd Dogs

Earlier this week, report has it that the father of the boy attacked by German Sheperd dogs in Lagos have withdrew his kid fromLASUTH. Also Lagos State Commisioner for Health blamed the father for taking his child from the hospital.
The boy’s dad,Mr Odiarevealed toPunchwhy he had to discharged his kid from the hospital and that Lagos State Government are not sincere about the matter.
Mr Odia said;
They told me in LASUTH that they would do skin-grafting for my son and that they would wait for about eight months before they would do it.”
“I was not comfortable with the idea because he was too young, but I decided to wait. It was while waiting that I learnt a surgery could be done in India that would not require parts of his flesh being cut.”
“On Thursday, I informed them that my son would be flown out and that the Delta State Government had concluded plans with an NGO to take him to India.
“That was the first time they told me that Governor Fashola had approved that my son should be taken to Dubai.
“By Friday, when I took the letter of appreciation to them, they handed me the governor’s letter, and by then, the India travel documents and every other thing had been completed.
“If I was aware of the state’s plan, I wouldn’t have bothered myself with any India travel and would have preferred Lagos State to handle it.”


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