Consumption of a Banned Substance Killed Alamieyeseigha’s Son in Dubai

According toTheCapital, they have researched and gathered the fact behind Fomer Governor of Bayelsa’s son death. TheCapital saidconsumption of a banned substancewas responsible for the untimely death ofOyayumefa Alamieyeseigha.
An insider source revealed to TheCapital that the Former Governor’s son collapsed after allegedly taking a drug overdose which reacted in his body system in Dubai, UAE on Saturday, November 11, 2014.
According to initial report, many people believed Oyayumefa’s was assasinated by unkown gunmen because they found his body by the staircase in his father’s house in Dubai, UAE.
The Alleged source revealed that Oyayumefa have been hiding the truth from the public in order to save his family name from public mess.


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