L.O.S – Boots + Faces

The boys have been quiet for a long time, the four band members by the names of Bridge L.O.S, King Zamir L.O.S, Tomi Thomas L.O.S, Briss B L.O.S, are back after over a year you heard from the four of them. With a few hits we have heard from each member, Bridge with “shake it for daddy ft zamir”, Briss with” Sister in the lord” and” Jamb question”, Zamir with “Normal Dubz”,and #PatienceEp from Tomi Thomas ft Zamir and Briss.
They haven’t kept us that much in the dark of what they have been up to. They have been in the studio working on individual projects and on loud on sound projects (L.O.S)
Here they have two songs titled #BOOTS & #FACES produced by Benie Macaulay, the boys have taken this one to a different wave, not surprising to hear, as we know these four are talented musically.
They wanted their fans to have a little something to hold on to before releasing their official Single. It’s been a while they shared anything with their fans as L.O.S.
The team as a whole have loads to come, they can’t wait to share with all their fans, and 2015 is promising for what they have in store for all the fans that have stayed loyal. Hope you enjoy these two songs.



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