Meet The Musician That Robs People To Launch His Album [Photo]

A 25-year-old Lagos musician named, John Sunday, confessed to Lagos police authorities yesterday, that he went into armed robbery because he needed money to launch his album. “I am a musician from Ikofepepe in Akwa Ibom State.
We were three in the gang, but one is on the run. I needed money to launch my album, Tureke Reggae; that is why I went into robbery.
I was targeting N100,000,” Sunday said. Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti,revealed that Sunday and another of his gang members, Onyekachiwere arrested on November 21st, after receiving a tip-off. Onyekachi revealed that he became an armed robber in order to get money to feed his wife. “I was a commercial bus conductor. We were operating on the Agege Total-Oshodi route. I just got married, but my wife is still in the village.
I was looking for money to feed her whenever she comes to Lagos; that was why I went into armed robbery.”


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