EX-BBA Lovers, Elikem and Pokello Nare Trade Insults On Instagram

So this happened today and it’s actually trending on Twitter and IG right now. Big Brother Africa stars Pokello & fiancé Elikem’s engagement seems headed for the rocks.
You recall in May, right on National TV, Elikem had proposed to Pokello after their whirlwind Big Brother Africa romance.The engagement was celebrated, a lot of people wished them well and then a huge scandal broke out – Elikem was fingered when news went viral that Odartey Lamptey was not the real father of the children he had with his wife, Gloria Lamptey. That he and Gloria were dating, a story Elikem has repeatedly denied.
However, Pokello shocked everyone today when she published the tweets pictured above, blasting Gloria over Elikem. More shocking was her fiancé Elikem’s reply to her. Read it after the cut. What’s going on between these three?


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