Nicki Minaj Dodges Iggy Azalea Questions In ‘Billboard’ Interview — Iggy Azalea Explained Why!

In a recent conversation with Billboard to promote her new LP ‘The Pinkprint’, Minaj decided to dodge any Iggy-related questions. [Read The PublicationHere]
Today, Azalea responded with:
Read a portion of the interview:
But while she was feeling laid-back a few moments ago, she certainly doesn’t appear that way now, as an innocent question about Iggy Azalea — Minaj’s foremost rival ever since “Fancy” made Azalea the summer’s most -ubiquitous female rapper — hangs in the air. Minaj’s answer? A withering, wordless stare.
Just this past August, backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), Azalea complimented Minaj on her performance — an effort, perhaps, at making nice after Minaj seemed to take a jab at her at the BET Awards in June, when, during her acceptance speech for best female hip-hop artist, Minaj made a pointed reference to how she writes her own records. Still, when an Azalea song comes over the studio’s stereo, a member of Minaj’s team quickly shuts it off.


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